Cancers are generally treated with very aggressive medications that also cause a lot of side effects. There is not much that conventional medicines can do to help the patients tolerate their treatments. This is a situation where homeopathic medicines are quite successful at making life easier for those who are not only undergoing a serious illness but also harsh treatments. Here are some  suggestions that are worth considering and discussing with oncologists or primary care physicians:

Homeopathic protocol to reduce nausea induced by chemotherapy

  • Cocculus Indicus 30C
  • Tabacum 30C
  • Petroleum 30C
  • Nux vomica 30C

Five pellets every hour when nausea is intense, then 3 times a day. Those medicines can be taken together.


Homeopathic protocol for radiotherapy

According to the symptoms induced by the radiations, choose from those medicines, and combine them if necessary: 5 pellets after each session

  • Radium bromatum 9C: for burns and low-back pain
  • Belladonna 9C: for burning redness
  • Apis 15C: for burning sensation that is improved by cold applications
  • Fluoricum acidum 9C: for trophic lesions of the skin


And topically, use Boiron Calendula cream, ointment or lotion: it contains the extract of the Garden Marigold that has a direct action on skin regeneration.


  • Helps prevent radiation dermatitis. Soothes and restores irradiated skin by promoting the formation of granulation tissue, an important step in the healing of wounds.
  • In addition, the terpenes, flavones, and alkaloids present in the calendula’s essential oil have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Great news about Josh Lane’s radio show Here’s to Your Health! This very informative wellness show is now on KCAA 1050 AM. You can hear it in the Riverside and Loma Linda area and on the internet. Podcasts are also available. You can listen to the most recent one I did with Josh and his guest Ray Doustdar on September 15th.

I remain Josh’s co-host and homeopathy expert for this new format and it is a very exciting adventure. The show is growing, so make sure to catch us every Monday on terrestrial radio or anytime on the Internet!


On Tuesday June 24th 7f3aa7c280a0f7b5315a3f4341c39084I had the pleasure of interviewing Brigitte Perreault and Steven Mana Trink about the digital Perreault Magazine. Brigitte who is the editor launched this elegant and multifaceted magazine last January. She describes the different sections of the interactive magazine (wellness, fashion, art, homeopathy, epigenetics and many more) and what makes it  unique and attractive to so many people. Mana who is an epigenetics therapist and one of the columnists, explains what this new science is and how it can help us. You can watch the three of us on Here’s to Your Health at the 49-minute mark here. You can also subscribe to the Perreault magazine. It is free!



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Doctor Lauren Feder‘s new book Natural PregnancyNatural Pregnancy is out. If it is as interesting as the previous ones (Natural Baby, Guide to Vaccination) , I cannot wait to read it! For those of you in Los Angeles who would like to learn more about it, join Dr. Lauren for a FREE live Q&A and bring your questions from home birth to Cesarean section.

You can see the details here.

Dr Lauren and I have known each other for many years. She is a wonderful MD and a nationally recognized physician who specializes in primary care medicine, pediatrics and homeopathy.  She is the director of the Center for Natural Family Medicine in Los Angeles.

Watch my interview with Doctor Anne Meyer, MD. Dr Meyer is an expert in pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and has a practice in Los Angeles. I am so glad she was able to take the time to be on Here’s To Your Health last Tuesday to talk about her approach to health. I also encourage you to visit her beautiful website www.aromatherapydoctor.com.




By now must of the readers of my blog are familiar with Josh Lane and his radio show Here’s to Your Health. Besides being a wonderful talk show host and an expert in wellness and nutrition, Josh also owns a vitamin shop in Agoura Hills, CA.  I have been working with Josh both as his guest and as his co-host for several years and I wanted to share an event that will take place at his store on Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 10am:

Thomas Greither, owner of CASTLEROCK Mineral Water bottled at the source  Mount Shasta, California is showing his brand new TANGO  Electric MotorCar

The Tango is a $200,000 thousand dollar electric car  which travels zero to 60 in under 4 seconds. It has Carbon Fiber exterior panels and fits two adults comfortably. It weighs 3,300 lbs, same as a NASCAR car and the same weight as a Subaru Outback.
Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 10am The Tango goes on display and Thomas will be giving rides in his TANGO

If you are in California, join us at Josh Lane’s store for this exciting event:

The Vitamin Center of Agoura Hills
5007 Kanan Road
Agoura Hills, CA

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